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The Contractor Success Model - Jason Williams - Agencies That Build #002

October 20, 2020

Entrepreneur, Strategic thinker, roll up sleeves with multiple hats Jason Williams busts the myth that an agency can’t be formed with independent contractors only! Jason’s personal philosophy is to live a life of abundance, and works towards that for all of his customers and colleagues. 

“Listening, collaboration only works when you listen… sit down and listen, because you are always going to learn something.” - Jason Williams 



  • Using a contractor model allows businesses to scale up or down as there is a need
  • Invest in contractors as well, give them access to agency attorney and accountant so they can take charge of their finances
  • Using a subscription based model, customers know that the job will get done in a certain amount of time, given a certain level of service, within a certain capacity
  • The best person for the job should get the job, where the person is based is contextual. 
  • Culture is the collective, and distributed network, that IS the culture. It creates itself and self corrects.




Busted Myths:


  • To have an agency you need W2 workers not Independent Contractors! 
  • There is less commitment from freelancers / Contractors!
  • Off shore/near shore, the boundaries are becoming irrelevant, whoever is the best person or best group to get the job done


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