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Remote Communication - Angel Lacret - Agencies That Build #015

May 7, 2021

Angel Lacret is the Founder & Chief of Product Development at Cobuild Lab, a software development company that specializes in solving logistics and productivity problems, custom software solutions, and artificial intelligence.



  • “The hardest part about being remote [before COVID-19] is how you communicate trust and present yourself as a serious company with clients.” ~Angel
  • Being isolated in your home trying to solve problems and get things done is challenging. Building a process-based workflow defines responsibilities and sets checkpoints to reach goals.
  • Communication and personality is paramount for building relationships with a remote company. Ask questions during the recruiting process to see which applicants will fit best in your remote company culture.
  • “When I started out I made many mistakes. I am not a natural salesperson. How I fixed this problem is by being honest and trying to be as planned as possible.”




Busted Myth:

  • Miami is more than a vacation destination. It has a thriving ecosystem with many facets including its growing tech community from Microsoft & Apple to smaller tech companies.


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