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People-Driven Culture - Pete Baumgartner - Agencies That Build #011

March 24, 2021

Pete Baumgartner is the Founder of Lincoln Loop, a full-service software development agency specializing in Python and Django development for web and mobile systems. They value transparent partnerships in order to produce straightforward solutions.



  • Advertising yourself as a niche agency starting off is a great strategy to get your foot in the door and be successful as a new agency. Find out what you want to be known for early on.
  • Being a remote agency, it is important to have trust and autonomy with your team. This flexibility helps staff have a better work life balance and figure out their role.
  • Having a full financial transparency within the agency empowers co-workers to clearly visualize how they are affecting the bottom line.
  • Developing virtual team culture can be difficult. Start by meeting with your team in person at conferences and grow from there.
  • Pete Baumgartner’s superpower - Flexibility “We are all trying to wear a bunch of different hats. Things are going to drop and that’s okay.”




Busted Myth:

  • “You don’t need a deep connection of people or be plugged into a network to start an agency. If you are doing good work and put yourself out there, then it will grow organically.” ~Pete


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