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Optimizing Paid Discoveries - Josh Eaton - Agencies That Build #009

March 10, 2021

Josh Eaton is the CEO of Reaktiv Studios, a boutique WordPress agency focused on making the web better through quality development and creative solutions. They are dedicated to problem solving and overcoming obstacles.



  • Having a paid discovery vs. pre-sales process allows an agency to scope out the project, manage expectations better, and give the client a good feel for the team before signing on to a much larger engagement.
  • Create a detailed outline for work responsibilities when developing a pre-sales discovery, especially what is not included. Make sure it is clear what is going into the project.
  • “When hiring for a developer position we look for a solid software developer rather than a WordPress developer. We want someone with good habits that we can train on WordPress.” ~Josh
  • During the interview process, having a panel of people from different departments or a code challenge will give hands on insight to how the interviewee problem solves and blends with coworkers. 
  • As you scale your company, remember to keep in account your company culture. A three person company can be vastly different from a forty person company.
  • Josh Eaton’s superpower - Debugging and problem solving




Most Fun Part of Being An Agency Owner:

  • Launch date for a new site or project - “It is exciting to see the clients reaction. I also always like to take a step back during that day to talk to the team to tell them, ‘Hey, we just launch _____ for this brand name client. That’s really cool!’”  


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