Agencies That Build

Fostering a Design Culture - Agencies That Build #24

August 12, 2021

Anthony Armendariz is the Partner, Head of Design at Funsize. Funsize is a digital service and product design agency that works with inspiring design and engineering teams to uncover opportunities, evolve popular products, bring new businesses to market, and prepare for the future.



  • Enterprise design work is more about understanding people and maturity levels and way less about the actual design work.
  • “A good client is one with whom you can work for three years or more, with several workstreams in each account and sustain that.” - Anthony
  • Protecting what you consider is vital, such as cultural management decisions, which are made to ensure that the company's workforce number remains constant rather than to make money.
  • It's beneficial for designers working in agencies to have the experience of knowing what it's like to work at their clients' companies.





Busted Myths:

  • Investing in junior designers is too demanding, difficult, or risky.

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