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Flexibility and Focusing Forward - Carl Smith - Agencies That Build #003

October 29, 2020

Carl Smith owns and runs the Bureau of Digital, an organization that supports agencies and provides the leadership training necessary to survive and thrive. Their focus on Digital Leadership, Business Development, Design Leadership, Operations, and Project Management has been invaluable to the digital agency landscape.



  • In today’s climate, it is important to cater to your clients’ evolving needs and be flexible with them. How can you create a better relationship in the current world?
  • Generalists are what everyone wants out of individuals, but Specialists are what they want out of organizations. The most successful companies are those that are generalists, but promote themselves as specialists.
  • Position yourself as who you want to become versus who you are right now. This will help grow your business, company and community.
  • “If you have to change the fabric of who you are to accomplish something then you have lost part of yourself.” Double down on what makes you different as a company and an individual. ~Carl Smith
  • “Don’t always tell clients what is great about what they have. Sometimes it is better to show them the stuff they don’t want to hear.” ~Carl Smith
  • Career advice from Carl Smith, Nothing matters as much as it feels like it does. Leslie Peters said, “Life is a quest, not a text.”



Busted Myths:


  • There is work out there! Be flexible and open to try something different.


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