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Discipline: Key to Agency Growth - Jeremy Durant - Agencies That Build #023

July 23, 2021

Jeremy Durant is the Business Principal at Bop Design, a marketing communications agency dedicated to assisting companies and organizations in developing their brand through effective design and integrated marketing systems.


  • In terms of development, cost, and quality, working with outsourced companies is beneficial. It's as simple as taking those cost savings and passing them along to your customer.
  • It is simpler to retain employees when you are not overly aggressive in terms of growth; it is preferable to keep things moderate, steady, and disciplined.
  • “There's a perception. If you have an office, that means you're more established.” - Jeremy
  • When you’re starting out as an agency it's crucial to concentrate on variable costs as much as possible.
  • From a growth perspective, an average of 150,000 to 200,000 in revenue per employee is a good starting point for a web design agency.
  • While working with an outsourced or an offshore company, any task or skill that you're outsourcing requires you to have employees on your team that have the same skills.


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 Busted Myths:

  • Entering a saturated market is bad news, especially when you're coming from a different background.


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