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Cultivating Successful Teams in Remote Settings - Jim Babcock - Agencies That Build #006

November 12, 2020

Jim Babcock is the President of SPM Services Inc., who build custom and packaged applications for Startups and Enterprises. He specializes in consulting people to take their ideas and turn them into business.



  • Top 3 ways to better manage your offshore team:
    • Get to know your team on a personal level
    • Develop a good specification for your product
    • Meet with them in the same duration you would with your domestic team
  • Look at your team as your partner. You need to have a contract that is flexible rather than stringent. This allows for more growth and room for expenses in the case of emergencies.
  • If you are working with an offshore team and they have multiple teams in multiple regions then you need to know that. Transparency is key to communication.
  • Be willing to work with every party and come to middle ground on when and how things need to be done for optimized productivity.
  • Don’t fall into Analysis Paralysis! Break work down into sprints to move productivity and fulfill requirements.
  • Career advice from Jim Babcock- take time to appreciate the blessings around you.




Busted Myths:

  • Working with offshore companies is only a horrible experience if you don’t manage it correctly. The offshore team needs to be managed and relationships built like they are right next door.


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