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Building Right Relationships - Ben Callahan - Agencies That Build #005

November 10, 2020

Ben Callahan is the Founder of the Build Right workshop series and President of Sparkbox, a group of web makers that develop their client’s product and team during projects and through their Build Right training. 



  • It is easy to get distracted by our technology rather than having personal conversations. However, that one on one connection builds relationships further than any piece of tech could.
  • It is ok to mess up! Transparency is key to good communication with a client. When mistakes happen try having a mindset of continuous improvement and lean on your coworkers for support.
  • The core of a great business relationship is transparency, trust, and honesty. This builds stability and shows your clients you have their best interest in mind.
  • “There is a lot of potential reward in being a hyper-specialized company. But the risk of course is choosing an industry. If something happens external to your group then all your marketing is focused on that niche.” ~Ben Callahan
  • Bring different voices to the table when looking for solutions. “Have a workplace that has a lot of different perspectives, different experiences because that is going to bring a lot of interesting solutions to the surface.” ~Ben Callahan
  • Career advice from Ben Callahan, embrace the leader within you. 




Busted Myths:

  • Technology does not solve problems for us. There is always a person behind the tool. Building relationships is more important than building a product.


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