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Beyond The Perception of Talent - Garrett Ross - Agencies That Build #013

April 14, 2021

Garrett Ross is the Co-founder of Mobelux, a leading software design & development agency that offers services including UX, Design, Development and Strategy. They design, build, and brand award‑winning mobile apps and modern web platforms.



  • “Internal leadership should be natural and organic. The company as a whole is a living organism. How to enable people is to make them feel like they are contributing and adding value.”~Garrett
  • Knowing when to step back and allow your co-workers to have the ability to design and create without restraint fosters career and personal growth within the company.
  • Take the risk without fear of failure! You never know where a product or project will lead. Trust your gut and go for it.
  • Mobelux’s superpower: Being able to innovate and solve problems that have not hit the market before.




Busted Myth:

  • Talent is overrated. Anything can be learned. If you work hard enough and have a good work ethic you can master your craft.
  • Process is overrated. Problem solving heightens when you are thrown into an uncomfortable situation. Many tend to be afraid to fail, but you can learn to feel uncomfortable. 
  • No one can master something in a set amount of hours. Learning something new varies from person to person. 


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