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Adopting An Experimental Mindset - Mark Rickmeier - Agencies That Build #012

March 31, 2021

Mark Rickmeier is the CEO of Table XI, a UX design and custom software development firm with experience in mobile apps, building integrated web applications, and custom digital experiences. They value community, strategy, and finding solutions with an experimental mindset.



  • Adopting an experimental mindset in your agency allows your team to have the flexibility to try new things. The immediate ROI may not be linear, but you’ll know that there is energy and passion behind the project.
  • In an agency, sometimes we are stretched thin with multiple tasks on hand. Delegate separate tasks to your team to create clear accountability to improve efficiency.
  • Empower your team to explore providing different or more services over time as the market evolves or as the clients evolve.
  • Your direct competitors can provide immense value. Building a network of trusted peers enhances this model of coopertition by directly working with peers in the industry.
  • “The single most important thing to do in onboarding is proper expectation of what success looks like. This provides a clear understanding of how they will bring value to the agency.”~Mark
  • Effectively invest in and shape your work culture by building inclusivity and making it explicit that everybody’s voices matter.




Busted Myth:

  • We associate value in meetings, getting things done and all around being busy. If you find yourself constantly booking up your calendar, then start to plan a time period when you can, as an owner, really learn or think about where you want to go as an agency.


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